Welcome back to ‘Meet JA!’ This week we spy on Simone, one of ‘the voices of JA’. Simone is the one you talk to when your query gets escalated, one of our platform JEDI’s, she who knows how to solve all your platform problems. Outside of JA, Simone loves crafty activities and spending time with her two dogs. But over to her!

Name: Simone Allen

Position: Customer Support Second Line

What do you do/ look after at JustAccounts? I’m the one that our first line support guys go to, if they’re struggling with a customer issue, as their first point of escalation.

What interesting/relevant prior experience do you have in this area/field? I volunteered to help a bookkeeper in college as I’d finished all my courses 6 months early with more than enough points for my university course.

What interesting or relevant studies have you undertaken in this area/field? I completed 1 year at JMU in Accountancy, and then got offered 3 apprenticeships, one of which was the company I volunteered at. I have also completed my level 2 & 3 customer service NVQ. In April 2016 I completed my level 2 AAT at night school.

What is your favourite colour? Dark purple.

What is your favourite drink? Alcoholic? Vodka 🙂

What is your favourite food or sweets? The cherry lips that taste like soap that nobody likes, I love!

Would you share a photo of you as a child? Sure, why not!

What is your zodiac sign? Libra.

Describe yourself in 5 words? Creative, clumsy, sarcastic, honest and indecisive.

You have been asked to choose a country to spend six months in. If you didn’t have to worry about cost where would that be? Probably the Maldives

Do you watch or do any sports? I don’t do any sports, I’m more in to crafts. But my boyfriend plays and watches a lot of Rugby (League & Union), so I go to watch his team when I can. We also support opposite teams in both football and rugby, he’s Wigan & Liverpool whereas I’m St.Helens & Everton, so that’s never dull!

Please tell me a bit more about what makes you you? I love anything arts & crafts! I started my own stall last Christmas on a Saturday, making glittered wine glasses etc. which went quite well. So, this year I’m attempting to turn my hand to candle making! It helps to de-stress at the end of a long day/week at work.

How did you get into it? How long has it been? Have you got a favourite moment / time doing this thing that you would like to share? What do  you enjoy most about it? Have you won any awards at this? I’d seen a lot of similar things across social media sites and thought ‘I’d be good at that’, so I gave it a go and constantly trying to think of new ideas/designs that others haven’t!

Thanks Simone 🙂