Tired of processing individual companies?

JustAccounts helps dramatically reduce the time you spend processing Payroll, VAT Returns, Bank Reconciliation and much, much more!

White Labelled

JustAccounts is a white labelled product that allows you to demonstrate the system as your brand, your logo and colour scheme so that your brand is promoted every step of the way.

Limited Platform

Easily manage the whole accounting process and keep contractors updated on their finances in real time.

Umbrella Platform

Manage your contractors easily and run payroll in a few clicks, as well as much more, on our mobile responsive software.

CIS Platform

Find out CIS status, manage invoices, communicate with HMRC through the platform.


We design and distribute an accounting platform which allows contractor accountants to run payroll, complete VAT Returns, manage client’s expenses and much more. Created to be tailored to the needs of both the accountant and contractor, the platform is completely white labelled and bespoke, meaning the colour scheme, branding and available features are entirely controlled by the accountant and how their processes operate. Available on any device, the platform can be accessed wherever your contractors may be.

Our Client Services, JACS can also help with back office solutions, from the moment you receive a lead, through to payroll and RTI submissions.

Our main mission is helping our clients to grow fast, maximise their own time and resources and be ready to scale up when the time is right. We have always understood the value of the work delivered by accountants to the contractor community across the UK, and we are focused on continually helping our clients to establish better client relationships, automation, scalability and compliance.


JustAccounts is a cloud based accountancy and payroll platform, designed specifically for contractor accountants, developed entirely in our UK offices. But why choose JustAccounts, in the sea of platforms out there?


  • Configurable Contractor Portals so your clients see exactly what you want them to

  • Full on-boarding module including company incorporations

  • Batch functionalities including payroll, VAT & Bank Reconciliation

  • Individual cross company reporting


  • Manage leads, consultations and create illustrations for potential Umbrella employees

  • Full payroll module which includes integration with Smart Pension

  • Full reporting including margin reports, starter and leaver reports as well as intermediary reports

  • Bulk processing for Umbrella payrolls


  • Communicate to HMRC and complete CIS verifications for limited companies and sole traders

  • Submit the CIS Deduction to HMRC directly through either our CIS300 or through our RTI submission

  • Generate CIS statements automatically for sole traders


There are many different modules and features that our platform provides. We are continuously adding to our product and fine tuning existing functions where we can!


JustAccounts Payroll supports all the key payroll features and can be run either individually or cross-company.
It is simple to use and will be a huge time saver for you and your business.


The Onboarding module allows you to manage leads, consultations, pay illustrations and submit a company incorporation.
You can also store and allocate documents for clients to digitally agree.

Contractor Hub

The Contractor Hub is completely configurable and allows you to choose exactly what your clients should see.
Branded to your business and adverts for your additional services or partners can be added.


JustAccounts cross-company reporting allows you to report on any data you enter on the system, organised how you choose.
Multiple exporting options available with customised branding.

Client Services

Your contractor business is expanding, and you could use an extra pair of hands, but you are not ready to increase your staffing levels just yet?
You suddenly find yourself with too many contractors to manage but don’t want to say no to the business opportunity?

Did you know our Client Services can help?

JustAccounts Client Services (JACS) can help with bespoke back office solutions. We can help you from the moment you receive a lead from your agency, through to the payroll and RTI submissions.

  • Assist with setting up Contractors on the software

  • Migrate information from their current accounting system

  • Run your weekly payroll (Umbrella or Limited)

  • Prepare BACS file for Umbrella Clients

  • Assist with Year End Accounts and Personal Tax Returns

In addition to this, we can also look at ways in which we can reduce your processing times by gaining a good understanding of your business processes and seeing how the software can be utilised fully.

For more information, or a quote, please contact us.


At JustAccounts we created a network of partners to bring you the best services and complement our platforms, also helping you offer extra services to your customers.


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