We always tell our audience why they should love JustAccounts, so this time we asked our staff what they think, in order to bring you our ‘insiders’ views on our platforms. Here are some questions answered from behind the scenes!

Why is JustAccounts different from any of the other cloud based accounting platforms?
JustAccounts is unique for the way our products work. Instead of having a retail product that the client chooses themselves, we sell our platforms to the accountant, who can then provide their clients with a branded portal specific to them.

What do you mean when you say the platform is ‘specific to the client’?
The JustAccounts platform is fully personalised to you, it gives the clients the functions that they require and nothing else, therefore saving the client time and frustration from dealing with complicated software, that may involve features that aren’t relevant to their work.

How can a JustAccounts dashboard improve and promote the users’ brand?
With a JustAccounts dashboard, you can dictate how it looks and feels. You are able to pick the layout, colours and the way you navigate round the dashboard.
The ‘White Labelling’ means that you will never see the JustAccounts logo on your dashboard or any prints. It’s only, and always, your own brand.

What is available on the dashboard?

Invoices: Your contractors can access invoices, raise a new invoice, and  can directly send these to their agent through the system. You can submit and post expenses and also receipts are able to be attached so they are always visible.

Account Information: Through the JustAccounts dashboard, displaying real time company account information is easy: you are able to view year to date profit and loss, showing contractors revenue, expenses as well as deductions.

Live updates: The system will show the contractor the money available to them, taking into consideration their liabilities.

Payroll: The JustAccounts dashboard supports all key payroll features, this can be run individually or cross company. With one click of a button you are able to calculate 100 payrolls at a time and then submit them directly to HMRC, meaning it can be a great time saver for you and your business.

Bank Reconciliation: With our bank reconciliation feature, you can manually reconcile a bank statement, import clients’ bank statements directly, import from APS Cashplus, or enter opening and closing balances.

VAT Returns: Process, submit and set up VAT returns for multiple or individual companies. This can then be directly submitted to HMRC without ever having to navigate away from the dashboard.

Reporting:  Our cross-company reporting allows you to report on anything you input onto the system, you can choose the exact dates that you require the reports from and these can then be exported in any format and be analysed outside of the system. For something more specific, there is a query tool, you can select areas that you wish to report on, add any conditions and then execute the result of the and export.

This is of course only a brief overview of our platform,you can find out more here or contact us directly on bizdev@justaccounts.com if you would like more information.

We’re here to help!

The JustAccounts Team 🙂