Friday 9th of June was a special day @ JustAccounts: we had our monthly JA Friday, where we all have lunch together (which is usually pizza!), and we hear from the different departments at JustAccounts.

This time we heard some post- AccountEX news from the Sales department, we had some information from Marketing about upcoming changes to the website, and how all the latest JustAccounts recruits are off to a great start and beginning to settle in well.

After lunch we headed off to Frodsham for a fun afternoon at Hoverforce playing Archery Tag, which was awesome!

Before we began we had a safety and instruction briefing along with our safety equipment. We had 3 teams and we took it in turns to play against each other.

The aim was to shoot at and ‘tag’ with the foam arrow, and the first team to get every member of the opposite team out were the winners.

We also played a points game were each team got points for different things like catching an arrow, targeting someone on the opposite team and hitting targets on the other side of the playing field. Everyone worked together really well (even if there was some cheating from the Queen Bees – the girls’ team!) and we all had a really fun afternoon!

Thank you to the team at Hoverforce for making the afternoon really fun and even joining in with us!

We look forward to the next JA Friday, and of course the next team building day 🙂