Welcome back to ‘Meet JA’. This week we chat to Amin, our Account Manager for the North who also overlooks aspects of training and support. We discovered Amin has a secret past as a model for none other than Coca Cola! And as for the rest, you can hear it from him!

Name: Amin Kashy

Position: Senior Account Manager North and Trainer

What do you do/ look after at JustAccounts? I conduct different roles at Just Accounts. I mainly look after our existing clients, making sure they are always happy. And I also take care of the the following:

  • Software Demos
  • Customer Training
  • Customer Support
  • Tax Planning Software Training
  • Internal Training
  • Helping with Zendesk Tickets
  • Contractor Guides – I personally design and create them bespoke for each new clients
  • User Guides
  • Software Manuals

What interesting/relevant prior experience do you have in this area/field? I did not have any relevant prior experience when I began at JustAccounts. However with external learning and heart of a lion I have made myself familiar to the field of accountancy and software.

What interesting or relevant studies have you undertaken in this area/field? My background is different to this area and field. I studied law and completed a Master in Law.
However certain aspects of my degree have helped me such as Business Accounts, Business and Solicitor Accounts.

What is your favourite colour? Blue and Grey

What is your favourite drink? Malibu with pineapple juice.

What is your favourite food or sweets? Grilled chicken with Lemon and Herb sauce.

What is your zodiac sign? Scorpio.

Describe yourself in 5 words? Fast, Athletic, Intelligent, Smiley and Lively.

You have been asked to choose a country to spend six months in. If you didn’t have to worry about cost where would that be? Spain (Madrid)

Do you watch or do any sports? I watch and play football. I also play squash.

Please tell me a bit more about what makes you you? I am an extremely hard working person and never do less than 100%, whether its at work, gym, sport or life in general. I have a winning desire and do not believe in just taking part. I go by the belief that in life you live once and you have to do all you can to succeed, at the end of the day you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.
I also have an eye for detail and like everything I work with to be perfect or in my eyes perfect. Its the small things that sometimes make the biggest change.

How did you get into it? How long has it been? Have you got a favourite moment / time doing this thing that you would like to share? What do you enjoy most about it? Have you won any awards at this? I have been working at JustAccounts for over a year now and got into it through a friend outside work. My favourite moment has to be doing my customer training after 3 month. I was super happy to have worked hard enough to be able to go on the road and see clients alone just after 3 months. One of my favourite experiences is the team day out at ape mountain. It brought us together as a team and it was nice having almost everyone who I work with there.
I enjoy all aspects of my job, even the hour flights on the most scary airline, CityWing to Isle of Man. I would say my favourite part is meeting all the new people and the wide variety of individuals.

Is there anything else you would like to share? I am a big Rocky Balboa and Real Madrid fan. I must have seen each Rocky film at least 20 times each and last summer I accomplished one of my bucket lists and went and seen Real Madrid play at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Thanks Amin 🙂