Limited, Umbrella and CIS - Each platform is designed to suit your need for managing a diverse range of clients.


The Limited platform is for accountants to easily manage the whole accounting process, and keep contractors updated on their finances in real time.

Some of the main features:

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  • MTD enabled, HMRC approved software

  • Perform the whole process, from lead to company registration, without leaving the platform – No need for another software or excel files

  • Illustrations, data entering, company formation, Companies House registration

  • Perform Limited Invoicing, Bank Reconciliations and VAT in batch

  • Easy to use for both accountant and contractors

  • Training on the platform always available

  • You can influence the platform’s roadmap by attending our User Groups

  • No set-up fee or hidden costs! – You only pay for the contractors you put on the platform and nothing else


In the Umbrella platform, manage your contractors easily, run payroll in a few clicks, give your clients the opportunity to upload documents and keep up to date with the state of their payroll with our mobile-responsive platform:

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  • HMRC approved software

  • Manage leads, consultations and keep track of which consultants pass you clients

  • Provide illustrations for take home pay and create employees quickly and easily

  • Batch imports for employees and timesheets, online portals for employees

  • Full reporting – Such as margin reports, starter and leaver reports and intermediary reports

  • Bulk processing for Umbrella payrolls, full expenses submission and approval process, BACS files for any bank

  • Supports all of the bookkeeping for your Umbrella company

  • You can influence the platform’s roadmap by attending our User Groups


The CIS platform allows you to manage your construction industry clients by tracking the status of client verification and submitting CIS300 direct to HMRC.

Some of the main features:

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  • Designed to make your management of construction clients easier and smoother

  • Communicate to HMRC and verify the employee of the limited company or its sub-contractors

  • Find out the status of you client’s CIS scheme and manage invoices accordingly

  • Automatically add deductions to the invoices and manage the company from a book-keeping aspect too

  • No need for any manual calculations or posting, JustAccounts will do that for you

  • Monthly CIS Deduction submission to HMRC can be done directly through our RTI Feature

  • Built-in CIS300 submission built into the software: simply calculate the amount, view it and submit to HMRC

  • CIS Statements for Sole Traders can be produced through the system