Just Accounts have teamed up with Pay Me Today to offer a new service. Pay Me Today is a value-added wage advance service that gives contractors instant access to up to 90% of their earned wages before pay day. The good news for Umbrella providers is that it is free and carries no risk; if the advance is not repaid, Pay Me Today takes the hit.

Kilian Fitzsimmons-Wilson, Commercial Director of Just Accounts says “This is just another example of how we are continually striving to offer the services that our customers want. In a matter of minutes our clients can be offering a new cutting-edge service which focuses on the contractors financial wellness; a particular hot topic at the moment.”

Pay Me Today are keen to try and change the way people get paid. Robert Kelly, Managing Director for Pay Me Today stated “It is important to clarify that these advances are the ethical antidote to pay day loans. There is no interest, no credit search and no fuss.”

How does it work?

It is easy to set up and use the Pay Me Today service, as it is compatible with any payroll system.

It pays a portion of money or wages already earned directly in to a worker’s bank account on request. The worker can use the easy-to-use Pay Me Today web portal at any time to calculate the portion of wages they would like. The service can be fully integrated with the JustAccounts payroll system, with the portal providing a seamless and instant decision process. This means the applicant simply logs in to the portal and applies for an advance on a portion of the pay they have already accumulated.

Once their application is successful, the money is transferred directly to the worker’s bank account, which typically takes no longer than 5 minutes.

The wage advance is deducted from the worker’s next pay slip together with the small administration fee.

How do the charges/fees work?

An administration fee is charged to the applicant for each advance. This fee is transparently communicated and agreed prior to taking out a Pay Me Today advance.

No risk – Pay Me Today provide the money
No cost  – you do not have to pay a thing
No fuss – Pay Me Today manage the transactions

Contact details

Kilian Fitzsimmons-Wilson
01942 721 397

Pay Me Today
Robert Kelly
0330 113 1605